My Yoga Path

Regine Kaegi_2

I feel my life has been a gift. It has been good and, above all, some difficult times have helped to make me what I am today, a warm hearted, spontaneous woman with charm and cheerfulness. In my earlier years as a Chief of Cabin for Swissair and Swiss, I travelled the globe for many years. Different people and cultures fascinate me and I quickly feel at home wherever I am. A while ago my natural Swiss roots were threatened and, by a happy coincidence, I was led to India. It was in India that I really got to know yoga and quickly realised that I had come across something that would come to affect the whole of my future life. As a result in 2014, I began my training at the Yoga University in Villeret, graduating in 2018 and now, looking back, I think that my entire life was aimed at getting me to yoga.

“If you live the questions, you may one day, without realising, live into the answers” Rainer Maria Rilke