Sagara Yoga

My Yoga Style

In my lessons, I search for the Golden Ratio, this mysterious order of nature, the perfect harmony of the visual, acoustic, energetic, physical, and spiritual. I let you consciously experience opposites, because they first strengthen your consciousness and finally your self-confidence. Asanas, breathing exercises, mudras, meditation or yoga Nidrà are all an integral part of my lessons.

What Yoga Means To Me

Through Yoga I experience the connectedness to myself, the people around me and all living beings. I feel safe and strengthened throughout the small and large challenges in life. It is the source of my inspiration and calm and gives me strength and peace of mind.

„Der Rhythmus des Körpers, die Melodie des Geistes und die Harmonie der Seele komponieren die Symphonie des Lebens“ B.K.S Iyengar